Rousse Regional Museum of History
"All that I experienced afterwards had already been in Roustchouk". Elias Canetti
Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Ivanov Nenov, PhD

Born: Rousse, December 31st, 1966
Director of the Rousse Regional Museum of History

2007 Associated Professor in Ethnography
2001 Qualification for a Trainer in Museum Education Programs
1999 PhD degree
1992 Master’s Degree in Bulgarian Language and Literature and History at the “St. Cyril and Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo

Professional experience:
2012 Training in Museology „World Heritage and Sustainable Development: the Role of Local Communities in the Management of World Heritage Sites”, Kotor, Montenegro, UNESCO Venice Office; „World Cultural Heritage Management”, Sibiu, Romania, UNESCO Venice Office.
2011 Lecturer and participant in the “Folklore as a Mean of Dialogue” project, ODTU, Ankara university, Türkiye & Civil Society Dialogue II – Culture and Arts Grant Scheme
2010 Training in Museology „Management of Collections“, Lending for Europe of 21st century, Antwerp, Belgium.
2009 Ethnological research in Nitra and Shahi, Republic of Slovakia, on the topic of Urban Ethnology, scholarship program of the Academy of Slovakia.
2008 Salzburg Global Seminar, Achieving the Freer Circulation of Cultural Artifacts, Session 453, Austria
2006 Seminar in “Training for Cultural Operators “Sustainable Cultural Heritage”, a British Council project, Bath, England
2005 Ethnological research in five towns in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, issue “Urban Ethnology”.
2004 International seminars for archaeological methods for surveying the cultural heritage, Cumbria, England and Sligo, Ireland, Grampus Heritage Ltd., CULTURE 2000 program.
2004 co-author and co-organizer of the “Cultural Heritage and Guide Skills” Master’s Program, University of Rousse.
2003 International seminar for museum management, Munich, Bayerisches Staatsministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst aus Mitteln der Bayerischen Staatskanzlei.
2001 Director of the Rousse Regional Museum of History
1996 Curator at the Rousse Regional Museum of History

Participation in professional organizations:
2013 “Bulgarian Museums” Association, member of the managing council
2012 National Council for Digitalization of the Cultural Heritage
2009 “Friends of the Museum” – Rousse Association, member of the managing council
2006 National Council for Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture, Sofia, member
2000 Union of the Scientists in Bulgaria, member
2000 “Open Society” Club, Rousse, member of the managing council
1991 “Ongal” Association of Anthropology, Ethnology and Folklore Studies, member of the managing council.

I. Books:
Nenov, N. 2012. Спасяването на русенци от заколение. Градски мит и места на памет [Rescuing the People of Rousse from Slaughter. Urban Myth and Places of Memory]. Sofia: “ROD” Publishing House, ISBN 978-954-476-051-9
Konovich, M., and N. Nenov. 2009. For a Common Future/Pentru un viitor impreuna, Bucharest: Humanitas.
Nenov, N. 2006. Летописът на свещеник Кирил и фолклорът на село Беляново [The Chronicle of Father Kiril and the Folklore of the Village of Belyanovo]. Sofia: “ROD” Publishing House, ISBN 978-954-476-041-0.
Nenov, N., and T. Mollov (eds.) 2006. Русенската "Кървава сватба". Власт и фолклор в Нова България от 1910 г. [The “Bloody Wedding” of Rousse. Authority and Folklore in Modern Bulgaria of 1910]. ISBN-10: 954-304-213-6, ISBN-13: 978-954-304-213-5,
Nenov, N. 2004. Табачка. Теренни материали и проучвания [Tabachka. Field Materials and Research]. Sofia: “ROD” Publishing House.
Nenov, N. (ed.) 2000. Русе – портрет на века [Rousse – portrait of the century]. Sofia: "ROD" Publishing House.
Nenov, N. 1999. Българската хайдушка епика [The Bulgarian Haidouk Epics]. Sofia: “ROD” Publishing House

ІІ. Scientific articles and reports:
More than 100 publications in the 1991-2013 period, on specific scientific issues in the fields of epic works, the folklore parameters of the Bulgarian nation, heritage, museums, ethnology in the region of Rousse, Urban Ethnology.
Nenov, N. 2012. “The Cult of Saint George - folk paradigms, symbol of civilization, urban holiday”. In: Neighbouring Cultures and Dialogue, Ankara: Ayrinti Basimevi, pp. 96-106.
Loria, M., and N. Nenov. 2010. “Этнографическая фотография” [Ethnographic Photography]. In: Археология, Этнология и Фольклористика Кавказа [Archaeology, Ethnology and Folklore Studies of the Caucasus]. Tbilisi, pp. 468-470.
Nenov, N. 2009. “Градските митове за Калиопа и Мидхат, Саафет и Йорданчо. Светът на старите русенци / The Urban myths about Calliope and Midhat, Saafet and Yordancho. The world of old time Rousse residents”. In: Общите граници на разбирателството / Common borders of understanding, Sofia: IMIR, pp. 177-192. 
Nenov, N. 2009. “The gravestones as Cultural heritage”. In: Социјални и духовни аспекти на материјалната култура/Social and Spiritual Aspects of Material Culture (Collection of articles from the Conference held in Ochrid 20-22.09.08), Skopje: Institute of Ethnology and Anthrpology, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (eds. Svetieva, Ashtalkovska).
Nenov, N. 2009. “European heritage buildings tourist itinerary guidebook”. In: Museums, Monuments and Tourism. Cultura si civilizatie la Dunarea de jos, volume XXVII, Calarasi, pp.53-56.
Nenov, N. 2008. “Рокли и шапки от стария Русе. Храна и хранене. Разказване на истории в музеен контекст” [Dresses and Hats of Old Rousse. Food and Nutrition. Story-telling in a Museum Context]. In Добри практики в дейността на регионалните музеи в Северна България [Best Practices in the Activities of the Regional Museums in Northern Bulgaria]. Rousse: “ROD” Publishing House, pp. 86-92.
Nenov, N. 2006. “Нематериалното културно наследство и процесът на музеефикация” [The Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Process of Museumfication]. In: България Италия, дебати, локални култури, традиции [Bulgaria Italy, Debates, Local Cultures, traditions]. Sofia, pp. 72-77.
Nenov, N. 2006. “Градски митове и локална идентичност. По примера на Русе и Котел” [Urban Myths and Local Identity. On the Example of Rousse and Kotel]. In: Studia Balkanica Bohemo-slovaca, VI, svazek 1, Matice Moravska, Brno, pp. 539-547.
Nenov, N. 2006. “Легендите и преданията за Демир баба – фолклор или литература” [The Legends and Folktales for Demir Baba – Folklore or Literature]. In Академик Михаил Арнаудов – ученият и творецът [The Academician Mihail Arnaudov – the Scientist and the Author]. Sofia, pp. 122-128.
Nenov, N. 2005. “Русе пред избор на приоритети. Локална идентичност и преход” [Rousse faces a Choice of Priorities]. In: Етнология Urbana [Ethnologia Urbana]. Sofia: “ROD” Publishing House, pp. 256-282.
Nenov, N. 2005. “Кантар джами боба в Тутракан. Динамика на фолклорната култура в малкия български град” [Kantar Cami Boba in Tutrakan. Dynamics of the Folklore Culture in the Smaller Bulgarian Town]. In: Проблеми на българския фолклор [Problems of the Bulgarian Folklore], volume 10. Sofia, pp. 391-394.
Nenov, N. 2001. “Карнавалът в Русе и Българският градски модел” [The Carnival in Rousse and the Bulgarian Urban Model]. In: сп. Български фолклор [Bulgarian Folklore Magazine], book 4, Sofia.

Script-writer of documentary movies
„On the road… to the south of the Danube”, 29 min., ArenaMedia, 2009.
„The Bulgarian Chantecler”, 15 min., Bulgarian National Television, 2007.
„Bulgarian Unseen. A Trip around the Rousse Region”, 4 episodes, 120 min., ТОТ, ArenaMedia, 2004-2006.

Ritual Breads from the Rousse Region, 2000
Nominations of Rousse through the Centuries, 2002
The World of the Rocks in the Rousse Region, 2004
The Bulgarian Room, 2004
Dresses and Hats from Rouschouk, 2005
Food and nutrition in Modernity, 2006
The Woman in Society, 2007
The Village like Maiden – the Town like scarlet, 2008
The Home, 2009
Citizens of Rousse Travelling, 2011